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Worm-Ex Lab is Dedicated to effective parasite control, and exists to assist the owner and their regular veterinarian to cost effectively implement modern evidence based preventative veterinary medical guidelines to enhance equine (and livestock and wildlife) health.

Why should you count your eggs before they hatch, and test before deworming?
With the advent of widespread worm resistance to the commonly used dewormers, the term BROAD SPECTRUM DEWORMER is now a myth. We are in real danger of landing up with worms that are multi drug resistant. Just as medical doctors are concerned about antibiotic resistance bringing back old long forgotten diseases into our midst, so too we as horse owners need to be concerned about parasites that are flourishing in spite of our efforts at eradicating them.

Deworming done right | From the Horse's Mouth | Episode #11

Worm-Ex Lab

Nora-Jean Freeman

49 Blue Hills Country Estate, Kyalami Estate, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

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